Easy Dispatch, Inc. is excited to announce our new Easy Booking App for Android and ios


Easy Dispatch is pleased to announce the release of our new Mobile Booking Application called “EasyBooking™” exclusively for our customers of Easy Dispatch, Inc.

EasyBooking™ is custom designed to work seamlessly with Easy Dispatch software.

With EasyBooking™ the passengers can safely book and manage a ride with your company by simply pressing “BOOK A TAXI” on the mobile application main screen.    Using GPS location from the phone, EasyBooking™ will display the current location of the passenger (as pick-up address) automatically on the booking screen.  However, the passenger can also edit the pick-up address of their choice.  The trip reservation will then be loaded into your Easy Dispatch system and automatically dispatched to your driver.  Choose the best online casino games with Maple Leaf Online Casino Guide! Maple Leaf - your guide in the world of gambling! The passenger will be informed in real time the status of their ride and its location, i.e. the assigned driver name, the vehicle ID and its location, the distance and estimated time from their pick-up address.  At the end of the trip, the passenger can pay with Cash, Credit Card or Charge to an Account.  As an option and per your company discretion, the passenger can also see the vehicles near-by in your fleet by pressing CABS NEAR BY button on the mobile booking app main screen.