Easy Dispatch – Affordable PC Dispatching

Easy Dispatch software is designed for Taxicab and Limousine companies. Our low-cost, full-featured computer dispatch software provides your company a faster and more efficient way to handle calls and dispatch to drivers. It will increase your operating efficiency resulting in increasing profits for your company.

  • Automatic entering customer info from existing customer database.

  • The Caller ID feature saves on the high cost of phones systems. It identifies customer phone numbers and names as they call in. With one click you can automatically retrieve the customer info.

  • Call takers can enter customer info, pick up and drop off addresses quickly and accurately.

  • Dispatching by zones or stands.

  • One-time reservation and repeat reservation.

  • Zone-to-zone pricing.

  • Zone summary will display the number of cabs in each zone and its status (busy or available).

  • Shift Types allow your company to create details of drivers lease agreements. Driver cashiering will automatically calculate the amount owed by or due to drivers at the end of the shift.

  • Driver cashiering extracts completed jobs, computes and cash-out drivers automatically.

  • Customized reports using query tool.

  • Web reservation will allow customers to book a trip via the taxicab company's web site.

  • Dispatcher can monitor all unassigned, assigned, loaded jobs of your fleet on a simple color coded screen.

  • Multiple login security levels can be assigned to new users.

  • Powerful and useful management reports: Pick Up and Drop off by vehicle or Driver, vehicle and Driver summary, reservations, dispatcher log, response time, account payables and receivables, account No Shows, passenger No shows, payment history, account statement, aging report, call volume per hour, call volume per year, completed orders.

  • Set up new customer account.

  • Instant Customer billing and invoicing will improve your company's cash flow.